About NanoVit

What is NanoVit?

Source: Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

NanoVit is a mixture of a liquid part (oil) and a solid part (NanoVit-powder). The actual share of NanoVit-powder in a mixture varies between 0,05% and 1,00%. NanoVit is added to liquid hydrocarbon raffinates (mineral as well as synthetic oil) which are used as lubricants in engines, gearboxes, hydraulic-equipment and fuels.

The solid components silicon-oxide (14 nm), Aluminum oxide (20 – 100 nm) and amorphous plasma-treated graphite aren’t soluble in Oil raffinates. The liquid components which are taken in consideration are basic oil (without additives); Engine, gearbox and hydraulic oils, and special oils as well.

Neither the chemical and physical characteristics of liquid hydrocarbon raffinates, nor the certified product specific data given out by the oil manufacturer, will be altered by NanoVit. The portion of solid NanoVit particles, when used in oils, is between 0,001% and 0,002%.